CycleGear was born from a need for fun and unique cycling products!

As avid indoor cyclists, and with more than 20 years of experience as cycling instructors, we found that there was a high demand for handlebar covers. Riders were constantly saying that the handlebars were slippery, they were too tired of going through numerous gloves or they wanted something more sanitary, etc.

We took to the internet in search of products that could meet these demands. We came upon other similar products but they just didn’t work for us. They would stretch out, were dull in color, were not anti-bacterial and just weren’t fun! We thought, “why don’t we just make what WE want?”

So we bought a sewing machine and got to work! We experimented with various types of fabrics and patterns and finally found one that was non-slip, anti-bacterial and easy to clean. We started testing them out on new and experienced riders in our cycle classes.

The reviews were incredible! We even had to switch our manufacturing process to meet the high demand! Riders love that SycleGear products are unique, fun, sanitary and easy to use. Gyms and studios love SycleGear products because they help keep sweat off the bike, which decreases maintenance needs.

As we were working on the SycleSleeves and SycleWraps, we figured, “Why stop there? Why not offer even more?”

We decided to create SycleWear – beautiful artwork inspired fitness wear! We teamed up with our amazing friend, artist and cancer survivor, Marta Echazarreta. We wanted to bring the beauty of her artwork to the fashion world. Many of her paintings are featured on some of our SycleWear products. Click here to learn more about Marta and to find out how you can purchase her awesome work so your walls can match your clothes!

Since we kept receiving so much positive feedback, we decided to take our designs a step further and submit our own design patent. We are thrilled to say that SycleSleeves and SycleWraps are now patent pending!

We are selling all of our SycleGear products on our website and would love to offer these great products to gyms and cycle studios nationwide! If you are a gym or cycle studio who wants to offer your riders even more awesomeness, contact us today!